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How Our Lawn Mowing Works

lawn mowing

The Lawn Mowing Process

  • Professionally mow the entire lawn each week.
  • Trim along all grass edges.
  • Blow clippings off all hard surfaces.
  • Mowing season last from April 1 to October 31.
  • Default mowing height of 2.5-3.5″.
Hard Surface Weed

Additional Mowing Benefits

Our lawn mowing service comes with added value included at NO CHARGE.  In addition to the common practice of sharpening lawn mowing blades daily, there are a few things we do that many of our competitors don’t. We periodically spray hard surfaces to kill weeds and when bagging clippings or removing weeds, we dispose of the debris offsite to avoid unsightly bags left at the curb.

Farmer digs pitchforks malicious weed in the field

Biweekly Weeding

Got Weeds in your mulch beds?

Sign up for biweekly weeding. This simple service will help you stay in control of the weeds in your mulch beds. We will manually remove weeds from your mulch beds during every other mowing visit. This will help keep weeds to a minimum throughout the entire lawn mowing season. Pre- emergent and post-emergent applications also available.

Aeration Fairfax

Add-On Services

To meet the needs of our weekly lawn mowing customers, NV Service Group also offers the following add-on services:

Aeration, Fertilization, Irrigation, Leaf Removal, Mulching, Pest Control, Seasonal Plantings, Seeding, Soil Analysis, Trimming and Pruning, Weeding, and More…

Service Excellence Badge

Highly Trained and Certified

Each of our landscaping technicians receives ongoing computer based and onsite training to provide a superior lawn mowing experience. In addition, NV Service Group also strives to certify our landscaping technicians in OSHA Safety Regulations, Pesticide Application, Weed Identification, and ANSI Service Standards.

Class A Contractor: #2705150399
Pesticide License: #13101

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by Donald N on 04/09/2017
  Gutter Cleaning
I am new with NV and must say I am impressed so far. Fast, clean work. Quick billing and a response communication via email was very fast..
by Jack B on 04/09/2017
  So Glad I Found NV...
I am very pleased with "everything" that this company has done for me (mowing, trimming and landscape). This is a "for real" professional company that...
by Chris C on 06/18/2016
I absolutely loved the workmanship. NV group crew did 3 of my properties in Clifton and Fairfax. The job is amazing and the device provided was more than...
by Muhammad N on 04/03/2016
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